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Successful Remodeling – More Things To Consider

By finnteriors

June 5, 2019

It’s always exciting to come home to a newly remodeled kitchen or relax in the new man cave. Remodels change the appearance, structure, or function of a room. Home remodeling projects can take weeks or months to complete; but this all depends on the size and complexity of the project, as well as who you hire to do the work.

4 Things To Consider Before Starting A Remodeling Project


Wheel Chair IconFirst, you need to determine if the remodeling project is necessary for functionality or is an improvement that you simply want.  Adjustments to your home are required or desired for various reasons.  Examples include lowering energy costs or expanding your family.  Important matters to consider when deciding on whether to remodel your home include:

  1. Living in current home long term: How long your family plans to live in your current home plays a major factor in moving forward with a remodeling project. If you plan to move within 3 to 5 years, then making changes may not be cost-effective. However, if this is your forever home, a remodeling project will eventually be required.
  2. Needs of family members: Preparing for a new addition to the family can be cause for a remodeling project, such as an extra bedroom or bathroom.  A family member with physical challenges will benefit from the inclusion of the proper amenities in the home. Starting a home business? Adding a private space for your office activities will help you concentrate better. An in-home daycare will require a playroom.
  3. Flow of home: Is there a cramped feeling as you walk through your house? If so, walls need to be removed for a more open flow.  Maybe you need additional storage or want more natural light coming through. A more open space is more conducive to entertaining, as well.
  4. Upkeep of the project:  Installing wood floors requires more than a vacuum to keep them spotless.   An increase in the size of your bedroom or kitchen translates to extra time to keep them organized and tidy. However, if you’re adding more storage space in your remodeling project, it can benefit your overall organization.

Let The Planning Begin

Now that you are clear about what and why you want to remodel, your next phase is creating a detailed plan. The planning process consists of the following steps:

Set a Budget

Can you afford to remodel your home? Determine the amount you are willing to invest. Research cost of items and materials needed. Your budget should also include costs for labor and permits.  Issues may arise during construction that may uncover additional problems. Be sure to set aside a chunk of your budget for unforeseen costs.

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Get Estimates From Contractors

Reputable contractors should be licensed and insured.  They can acquire the necessary permits. Ask for references and follow up with former clients.   A contractor who has been in business awhile should have proof of similar projects completed.  Knowing the experience level of the staff and if they use subcontractors will aid in choosing your remodeling team.  When you have selected a contractor, read the contract carefully before signing.

Detailed Timeline

Choose a start date.  Allow for delivery of materials and fixtures.  Set a completion date that includes a few extra days for unexpected problems.

Payment Schedule

A quality contractor won’t ask you to pay the full price upfront. The Better Business Bureau advises not to.  However, it’s important to discuss payment terms before construction begins.

Prepare Home For Remodeling

Remove furniture and wall hangings from the remodeling area.  Keep children and pets away from the construction area. If the kitchen is being remodeled, remove all dishes and minor appliances. Make new sleeping arrangements if the bedrooms are being remodeled.

Determine who will be responsible for waste removal. You don’t want construction debris all over your home. Decide where it will be located when you speak with the contractor.

Expect Delays

A variety of issues can cause delays during a remodeling project. Weather, late shipment of materials, replacing equipment, and holidays are just a few.  Being prepared for delays will ease stress and cut back on overspending.

Remodeling Projects That Increase Value

The projects that give homeowners the greatest return on investment are a remodeled kitchen, bathroom, and a new deck.  Reports show that the value added from these projects continue to increase.  Have a real estate agent give you comparable values of similar homes in your area to help choose your remodeling project.

Experience Matters

Finnteriors Construction Services is a reputable locally owned general contracting company that specializes in kitchen, bath, and basement remodeling. With over 20 years of experience servicing the St. Louis Metro, you can’t go wrong in choosing Finnteriors for your remodeling needs. If you want exceptional service and fair prices, call now for a free consultation.


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