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Small Kitchen? Remodel it to Maximize Space

By finnteriors

August 8, 2021

6 Tips to Make the Room Look Bigger

The kitchen is such an important part of your home and the main place the family will gather daily. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, you may find it is not fitting your needs. But, there are many things that can be done to bring out the most of your space. 

A kitchen remodel could be the solution you are looking for. We have listed below some design ideas that can create the spacious kitchen you need and want for your home. 

Lack of countertop and cabinet space can be challenging.

1. Lighter Colors Make a Difference

When a kitchen is small, it is important to use lighter colors to create more openness. Different shades of white and lighter shades of color can go a long way in opening up the room. 

The color of walls, appliances, counters, stools, and even the dish towels, can change the atmosphere and perceived size of the kitchen. Pastels or light colors, with good doses of white, reflect light, drawing the eyes upward and making the room seem taller. Walls that are dark and bold can make a kitchen feel crowded, while lighter hues offer an airy feel. 

2. Utilize Wall Space

It can be easy to overlook making the most of every area when considering small kitchen remodel ideas. If you have high ceilings, make those a key factor for maximizing the space with floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves to house items you use less often. Tall cabinets and high-reaching shelves will also work to make the room appear much grander in scale.

Cabinets are a practical and efficient storage option for kitchens. However, it gets a bit complicated with small kitchens. While you want the storage, upper cabinets also close the room and box the kitchen. Open shelving is a perfect small kitchen storage solution as well. Not only do they help in the storage aspect, but they also help add character to your kitchen design. 

3. Lighting to Enhance 

maximize small kitchen space

You can achieve so much with the right lighting fixtures in your kitchen remodel. Most homes come with one focal light in the kitchen. Adding multiple light sources in your small kitchen can add depth and openness. 

Some examples of the types of lighting that work best are: pendant lighting, recessed cabinet lights, and floor lights. The even distribution of light will give your kitchen a uniform look and accentuate the space.

A small kitchen can feel cramped when shadows create a strong visual line between the cabinets and the ceiling. To soften those shadows, install uplighting above the cabinets as well as beneath the upper cabinets, directed onto the countertop. The light will fill in the shadows under the cabinet and reduce the contrast, which will give the impression of a larger kitchen.  

Lighting has also been employed in flooring in recent years. It can be installed under the base cabinetry shining down onto the toe plate. This is a great added feature for late-night snacking and adding depth to the kitchen. 

4. Glass Can Add Big Changes

One of the simplest ways to open up a kitchen is by incorporating glass, which lets you see through the objects. The glass surfaces’ reflective quality will help the light in your kitchen travel better and make your kitchen seem much larger than it is. 

Everything from a glass counter or tabletop, to glass door cabinets and glass tile backsplash, can do the trick. Glass kitchen doors, to the outside world or the next room, can also visually expand the space. Shiny surfaces can bounce light and ultimately make any kitchen feel larger. 

5. Open floor plan

With the popularity of open kitchens and open living, consider options like knocking down a wall to let your small kitchen breathe. Opening up the kitchen layout has many advantages. You are not restricted to your small kitchen anymore; it becomes part of your living space and makes it more cohesive. 

This option can also allow space for you to add a breakfast nook as a transitional piece and seamlessly tie things together. With an open floor plan, you can have the kitchen space you have always wanted. 

6. Smaller Furnishings to Optimize Space

Remodeling a small kitchen to look bigger may also require replacing the furnishings. One of the most effective small kitchen design ideas is choosing furniture and fixtures that will not occupy a lot of space. For instance, if you have a petite kitchen island, try coordinating slim chairs or streamlined stools. 

Another thing to consider for your small kitchen remodel is a narrower kitchen counter. It is also best to avoid buying furniture with chunky legs and thick bases since they will only add visual bulk.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Small Kitchen Remodel

Finnteriors Construction Services has been in business for over 20 years. We are a locally owned and operated construction firm, providing high-quality kitchen remodeling services to homeowners in the St. Louis metropolitan area. 

We can design and provide guidance on which materials will work best within your budget. We are proud to serve homeowners with quality workmanship and excellent customer service.  Contact us today for a free estimate for your home remodeling.


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