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Planning a Kitchen Remodel

By finnteriors

October 13, 2017

Planning a Kitchen Remodel

If you are seriously considering getting your kitchen remodeled, it’s wise to prepare ahead to continue to have a reasonably functioning home during the construction process. The more you can anticipate, the less stress you’ll have during the process.

Did you know the typical kitchen remodel can take anywhere from four to eight weeks? That’s a considerable amount of time to be without the room where you and your family spend the most time. And most of us can’t afford to stay in a hotel or impose on friends and relatives during the entire remodeling process. The following tips may help you plan ahead so you can survive during your kitchen remodel.

1. Preparing meals

It would get very expensive eating out for eight weeks wouldn’t it? Not to mention the inconvenience and extra calories of restaurant food. To allow for meal prep during construction, you may want to set up a temporary room or area. It should be within easy access to kitchen appliances, if possible. You can use table tops as preparation areas.

Stock up on healthy, quick meals and snacks. If you have a freezer and microwave, you might want to think about preparing meals prior to the start of the remodel, then heating them up as needed. You can also use small, more portable cooking appliances, like a crock pot, electric frying pan, toaster oven, and the like for hot meals. Your outdoor barbecue grill can be handy for cooking meat, veggies, and almost any food you can prepare on your stove or in your oven.

2. Washing dishes

Because you will likely lose the functionality of your kitchen sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal, washing dishes will be a challenge. Paper plates, cups and utensils can be disposed of after use, so they are a great temporary alternative. If you cook, however, you’ll still have to deal with the dirty appliances and cooking utensils.

A utility sink in your laundry room makes a decent substitute for washing pots and pans. If you don’t have one, your bathroom sink or tub can function satisfactorily. Another possible solution is a large cooler that you can fill with hot, soapy water. If the weather is warm, you can do this chore outdoors and just drain the cooler afterward. Or if you use the cooler indoors, you can place it next to your basement drain and pull the plug there, or in your bathtub for easy draining. Don’t forget, though, to make sure all food scraps are scraped off to avoid clogged drains.

3. Storage

When the contractors are working in the kitchen, it’s best not to disturb them. Interruptions can result in delayed completion, which you want to avoid at all costs! So before the remodeling begins, remove all items you’ll need access to and place them in containers or move them to another area. For example, you can set up temporary shelving to store pantry goods, spices, utensils, and other cooking and storage supplies. To minimize additional clutter in your “temporary kitchen”, set up the storage area in the garage or basement.

This might be an opportune time to do some “spring cleaning” by getting rid of a lot of stuff you never use or no longer work. Or discarding expired food items.

4. Housekeeping

Remodeling a kitchen can produce a lot of dust and debris that permeates the entire house. You’ll need to relax your views on cleanliness during the remodel, or you’ll drive yourself crazy. You can reduce the effect a bit by hanging plastic sheets over doorways and draping drop cloths over furniture. More frequent dusting and vacuuming can also help. Don’t forget that your HVAC system is also getting debris through the ducts, so changing the filter more often is advisable.

Just remember, the situation is only temporary. The beautiful, updated kitchen you get will make all the inconvenience during the construction worth your while!

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