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Kitchen Remodeling Tips, Tricks, And Secrets For Newbies

By finnteriors

November 6, 2018

Kitchen Remodeling

Why do you hate your kitchen?

Before taking on a kitchen remodeling project you need to first figure out what about your current kitchen that you do not like. An easy way to do this is to wave a magic wand.

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If you could wave a magic wand and instantly change your current kitchen into your dream kitchen what would change?

  • How extensive are the changes you would like to make?
  • Do you like the existing kitchen layout, how elements are arranged?
  • Will you alter the footprint, the area defined by structural elements, of your kitchen?

If you are thinking a footprint expansion is necessary to accommodate your dreams, you need to understand something about kitchen design and remodeling costs.

The majority of kitchens have a layout predetermined by their overall shape.

The majority of kitchens are one of these five shapes galley, L-shape, U-shape, corridor, or one-wall that determines the layout. Most likely the issues you have with your kitchen are not its shape, but the placement of things within that shape.

Budgeting Appliances, Cabinets, Flooring, and Countertops For Your Kitchen Remodel

Upwards of 70% to 75% of a kitchen renovation budget is spent on manufactured materials such as cabinets, flooring, and countertops plus appliances. The rest of the budget, 30% to 35% is spent on labor. When determining your kitchen renovation budget The finished products and appliances you select can range from five thousand to fifty thousand dollars. While labor costs will increase by about one-third of the additional cost for materials and appliances.

Spending less for appliances and cabinets, flooring, and countertops for your remodeling project is the quickest and most effective way to lower the cost of the whole project.

Kitchen Renovation Pick And Pack To Prep

  • To prepare for the renovation pack up all of your kitchen items including dinnerware, glassware, flatware, coffee mugs, tea cups, cookware, bakeware, kitchen tools, cutting boards, oven mitts, storage containers, serving dishes and platters.
  • Remove small appliances from the kitchen such as your can opener, toaster, blender, and coffee maker as well.
  • Remember to clear out items you store under the kitchen sink and above the refrigerator if you store things there.

Remove spices, canned goods, dry goods, perishables, and any other food items from the kitchen. Find a place to store the packed up kitchen items and food. It is important that the re-modelers do not have anything in their way as they work. It is not a good idea to store your items in places where you, your family, or the re-modelers may trip over them.

Dirty Kitchen Renovation Secret Nobody Talks About

Packing up the kitchen clears the way for the start of construction, but there is another good reason to pack up your kitchen. It is the dust that will accompany your kitchen remodel. No matter what you do the dust cannot be completely contained, but there are a few things you can do to try to minimize it. The dust will be very fine and can travel throughout your home with ease coating everything, much like the film smoke leaves behind after a fire.

Kitchen remodeling projects can involve removing cabinets, tile, and walls. These construction activities produce dust that you do not want humans or animals to inhale.

Ask your remodeling contractor exactly what they plan to do to contain dust during and remove dust after the project.

What you want the contractor to do is isolate the kitchen renovation area as much as possible and in a way that is best for the health of your home and family.

You can either avoid using central heat or air (if you can help it) or you can block the HVAC returns in the kitchen during the remodel to avoid spreading dust through your ductwork and vents.

Bring On The Noise

Construction work is loud. It is difficult to fully mentally prepare for the screeching, banging, pounding, and scraping noises you will hear coming from your kitchen. It will be loud and it will go on and on and on. Keep pets, kids, and others sensitive to sound far from the construction area completely or as much as possible. Most people find it difficult if not impossible to concentrate in earshot of these noises. Do not plan to work from home, read, or even watch television close to your kitchen during construction hours.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips And Tricks Recap

    1. Determine what changes you want to make to your kitchen.
    2. Are the changes to the footprint? or to the components of the layout? or minor changes not requiring a remodel?
    3. Kitchens are 1 of 5 shapes.
    4. 70% of the kitchen remodel budget is spent on appliances and manufactured products.
    5. Pack up your kitchen before the renovation starts.
    6. Remodeling projects are dusty and loud.
    7. Check out our tips on making it through the remodel.


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