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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

By finnteriors

July 13, 2016

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Top 6 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for 2016

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas 1A kitchen is a unique room in any home, and these kitchen remodeling ideas can help you get started on your remodeling project. The kitchen is used probably more than any other room in the home as a gathering place for family and friends, on a regular basis by individuals, couples, or families, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the room looking fresh. Heat, steam, odors, spills, and other hazards can quickly diminish the quality of a kitchen’s appearance and luster over time. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in St. Charles, there are several options to renew a kitchen’s vitality that are currently popular. Here are 6 kitchen remodeling ideas for 2016.

1. Touch Up Trouble Areas with Style

One of the main reasons that people look to remodel their kitchen is to cover up areas which have become noticeably damaged or worn. While some people think that home improvements must be large scale, in many cases, a few small changes can make a big impact. Replacing a few cabinets and your countertop can greatly revitalize a kitchen, provided that other areas are in good condition. Those who are looking to upgrade a kitchen with a fresh look can choose new themes for the parts items they are replacing. Many companies offer a wide selection of options, so that they can stand out while also matching existing hardware.

2. Non-Traditional Cabinets and Pantries

When many people think of kitchens, they picture a room with multiple cabinets that can contain everything from dishes to food to cleaning supplies. But sometimes, changing things up can give a kitchen a more modern look without giving homeowners a hefty price tag. Many types of projects centered around kitchen remodeling in St. Charles involve utilizing open cabinets and other storage units. Not only can this help make a kitchen appear larger and more spacious, but it is an excellent way to display high-end fixtures and improve the appearance of an area.

3. Upgrading Existing Appliances and Amenities

The walls, floors, and countertops in a kitchen may
holdKitchen Remodeling Ideas 2 up well over time. But the appliances a person uses do not always fare so well. Of course, replacing each appliance as they break down is one option, but you may want to consider upgrading them all at once. This will result in all appliances matching in color and style, which can greatly improve the appearance of the entire room. Sometimes the combination of a new stove, dishwasher, microwave, and numerous other amenities can give new life to a kitchen.

4. Choosing a New Color Scheme

Many modern plans for kitchen remodeling in St. Charles focus on changing the color of a kitchen rather than the amenities and hardware. Some people are satisfied with the design of their kitchen, but want to give the room a fresh look. In this instance, focusing on a new color scheme can be an effective option. New drapes and rugs may be desired for this type of project, but in most cases the vast majority of the room can be repainted. A freshly painted room always makes it look cleaner and brighter, and a new color scheme can make it look new.

5. Switching to Freestanding Fixtures

mobile kitchen islandThose who have fixed islands in their kitchen know that these units can be a blessing and a curse. While they provide both style and functionality, they are immobile. Those who want to rearrange their kitchen often find themselves working around these features and sometimes wishing that the fixtures were mobile. Many home improvements dealing with kitchens now focus on utilizing freestanding fixtures. Mobile tables, islands and work areas give homeowners the freedom to make future changes and rearrange the room at their discretion, providing more flexibility and increasing the work area.

6. Making Non-Aesthetic Changes

Sometimes the paint job, appliances, and design of a kitchen can be to a homeowner’s liking. However, certain things like poor lighting, noisy hinges, and other non-visual issues can be very inconvenient. Many home improvements are centered around addressing issues like this, and these types of affordable projects can help any homeowner enjoy their kitchen more than ever before. Fixing a number of small issues like this can have a big impact, and it is one of the quickest (and most affordable) design projects that many people are opting for in 2016.


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