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Kitchen Layouts For Your Kitchen Remodeling Plan

By finnteriors

January 4, 2019

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When you are planning a kitchen remodel you need to know the 6 main kitchen layouts. Here is a resource for you. This infographic will help you with the kitchen layout selection process.

Kitchen Layout


Work Triangle

Consider the kitchen work triangle when designing your kitchen. The work triangle is the advised relationship used in kitchen design between the cooking, storage and washing; also called prep areas. Ideally, you can move effortlessly in the center of the work triangle while quickly shifting tasks. Here are some of the guidelines of the work triangle system.

  • Sides of the triangle are 4 Ft to 9 Ft long.
  • Triangle must be obstacle-free.
  • Nothing penetrates the triangle for over 12 inches including islands, trashcans, and pet bowls.
  • Major traffic patterns do not cross the triangle.
  • If there is only one sink place it across from the cooking surface, prep area or refrigerator.
  • The total distance of sides of the work triangle is 13 Ft to 26 Ft.

1. One-wall

The One-wall kitchen layout is also referred to as a “Pullman kitchen” and is usually located in studio or loft apartments because it is the best layout for saving space. Cabinets and appliances are arranged on a single wall. Many kitchens also include an island.

2. Galley

Galley kitchens are also called walk-through kitchens. They are ideal for smaller spaces and for one-cook at a time kitchens. The galley has two walls in parallel with a walkway in between. Galleys do not have any costly corners to configure.

3. L-Shaped

L-shaped kitchens have one corner space for deep storage. Two countertops on joining perpendicular walls that form the L-shape and a dining area is easy to add. This design is good for small and medium sized kitchens.  The L-shaped layout is not best for large kitchens and does not easily accommodate multiple cooks.

4. U-Shaped

Also called the horseshoe, the U-shape kitchen layout has three walls for cabinets and appliances. The design is often modified using an island as the third wall. This allows movement around the island and can accommodate multiple cooks well.

5. Island

A fixed island can host sinks, appliances, and cabinetry for storage. all islands whether fixed or movable always add more counter space. Islands with stools are a place to dine. Prep food at an island sink. An island can morph a one-wall kitchen into a galley kitchen or an L-shaped layout into a U-shaped one. If your kitchen does not have enough clearance to maneuver around an island do not add one.

6. G-Shaped

A G-shaped kitchen is also known as a peninsula kitchen.  An island is connected to an L-shaped layout making it a U-shape. U-shaped kitchens form a G-shaped kitchen when a peninsula is added. The peninsula is an island functionally but requires less clearance.

Kitchen Layout Infographic

Kitchen Layouts Infographic

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