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Is It Time to Expand Your Living Space?

By finnteriors

October 15, 2018

There could be a number of reasons why you’d want to add more living space to your home. Your family could be growing, you may want to bring your aging parents into your home, you need a home office–these are just a few examples. Would an extra bedroom or bathroom in your home help? Do you enjoy entertaining? You may want to add a theater or entertaining area for guests. Adding rooms or creating more functional spaces can provide more room to expand.

When you initially bought your home, you may have had different needs. You could have been newly married without children. Now your family has grown. Your kids need and want a bedroom of their own. Do they argue about another member taking too much time in the bathroom while getting ready for school? Adding another bathroom can alleviate the chaos and bickering.

Sure, you could move to a larger home to accommodate your needs, but that presents additional issues. Larger homes usually mean higher mortgage payments. Moving uproots your family and involves the stress and hassle of the home selling and buying process. Why leave the home, neighborhood, schools and location you and your family love? Expanding your home not only adds more living space but also increases the value of your home.

Types of Expansions to Your Home

We’ve touched on some reasons and a few possible ways to expand your home. Here are some more ideas for creating more living space.

1.    Sunrooms

Adding a sunroom provides you with a room you can feel “outdoors” even though you’re inside. It can be screened to allow the fresh air in during nice weather, or include heating and cooling to enjoy year-round. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee or glass of wine in the comfort of the beautiful sunroom addition.

2.    Bump-outs

A bump-out is a scaled-down addition or enhancement to an existing room. It can add enough room in your kitchen to accommodate an island. Or enough space to make a powder room a full bath with a shower enclosure. Or expand your dining room to seat more people comfortably.

3.    Bathroom Addition or Remodel

It goes without saying that bathrooms are a necessity. Your home may not have enough of them to comfortably accommodate the family. Adding another bathroom can ease the turmoil causing frustration, arguments or delays. Or your current bathrooms may be outdated or in need of repair. Remodeling them can provide more space and comfort. Adding more storage space can allow for better organization.

4.    Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen of your home is the hub where family and friends gather to eat and socialize. If your kitchen is too small to satisfy your cooking and dining needs or desires, remodeling can help expand the functional space. You’ll enjoy the updated look and larger area that remodeling can do.

5.    Basement Finishing

If you have an unfinished basement, you have an entire lower level of wasted space! You can greatly expand your living area by adding a man cave, game room, extra bedroom, home office, theater–the options are many. If you include a bathroom, the finished basement can serve as an extremely functional living area for the entire family.

6.    Mud Room or Utility Room

Are the entryways to your home directly from the outdoors? If so, you know that mud, dirt and leaves are tracked from outside through the door and home. Coats and shoes are left by the door to trip over. Adding an area where these items can be stored will reduce the debris that’s tracked into the home. The room can be closed off from the rest of the home so the coats, boots and shoes are out of sight to others. Isn’t it easier to clean one small room than an entire home?

If You’re Considering a Home Expansion, call the Professionals and Finnteriors Construction

Finnteriors is a family-owned and operated business in the St. Louis area. We’ve been doing home and room additions, remodeling and renovations for over 20 years. We can give you ideas and suggestions for expanding your living space within your budget.

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