Repair & Restoration 

Water Damage Restoration 

Having your structure restored quickly and professionally is important when your home or business is damaged. Finnteriors Construction Services will not only take measures to minimize further damage, we will work efficiently and deal with the insurance and restoration process to restore your structure to like-new condition. Our knowledge of the insurance industry allows us to work directly with your insurance company get your property restored properly.
Our restoration services in St. Louis will ensure that your home won’t become a condemned property due to water, fire or mold damage.

When a water loss occurs in either a residential or commercial property it is essential that the structure be dried properly to avoid microbial growth. Our sister company Steamatic of St. Louis can assist with drying, dehumidification, and cleanup after a water loss and get the property ready for Finnteriors to begin the rebuilding process. Being able to coordinate this process within our own company speeds up our abilities to both mitigate the loss and then reconstruct the property.

Fire Damage Restorationinsurance and restoration

Few things can be as devastating to a property as fire. Fire consumes and destroys valuable goods and irreplaceable objects without prejudice. However, this volatile form of thermal energy does more than just cause burn damages.

When a loss due to fire occurs again Steamatic of St. Louis can aid with structure and contents cleaning and deodorization among other services that need to be performed before construction begins. The coordination of the cleanup and reconstruction gives Finnteriors the edge on getting your property and life back to normal.

Mold Remediation and Restoration

With all the media attention recently, the word mold brings an instant hesitation and concern to a property owner. Mold in some cases can cause serious respiratory problems, especially in the elderly and in young children. Having a partnership with Steamatic of St. Louis, who can handle all of your mold, fire and water damage cleanups, allows Finnteriors Construction Services to make sure the mitigation and restoration of your property are complete.

If you have mold in your home, it is most likely due to water incursion or excessively high moisture or humidity- the kind we are prone to here in the St. Louis area. Mold is commonly found in attics, basements, crawl spaces and wall interiors. If you’ve noticed a strong and musty odor in your home or business contact us today and ask about mold remediation and reconstruction in St. Louis.

If you need assistance with fire restoration in St. Louis, contact Finnteriors Construction Services today. A highly skilled and understanding restoration contractor will handle your restoration needs. We are here to help you and ease your burden with bonded, insured, and licensed fire, mold and water damage restoration in St. Louis.

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