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Durable Materials For Bathroom Remodels: Faucets, Paint, And Floors

By finnteriors

February 25, 2019

Durable materials for bathroom remodels focus on durability, but do not necessarily lose sight of style. There are fixture, flooring, and wall covering options that are more durable than others. Pricier materials may or may not lasts longer than low-cost materials.

In short, the price is not the determining factor when the focus is finding durable materials for bathroom remodels. Do not let the price of a particular material cloud your judgment.

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Prices vary wildly for bathroom fixtures. Most bathroom remodels will include replacing the bathroom sink faucet. If a great looking faucet is all that you want there are showrooms to visit by day and websites to eyeball all night long. However, if faucet durability is what you are after, like true beauty, it comes from within.

What you want to find is a faucet with an inner control freak.

The more control a faucet has over the water moving through it the longer it will last and the more reliable it will be over time. A faucet's durability comes down to the quality of its inner value and whether or not it requires a washer.

In general, washerless faucets have fewer moving parts than their washer-requiring counterparts. Compression-Valve Faucets require a washer and are a common type of faucet.


For faucet replacement, the most durable materials for bathroom remodels are faucet with solid brass, brass-based metal or corrosion-resistant inner workings in that order.

There are a variety of different washerless faucets available. Each type controls water flow through its spout without a washer.

Ceramic Disc Faucets require the least maintenance and are considered maintenance-free by some. As the name implies, ceramic discs are used to start and stop water flow, Two practically flat ceramic discs slide against each other. This shearing action permits or prevents water movement.

Ball Faucets rely on a rotating ball to regulate water flow. Select one with a brass ball not a plastic one for more durability.

Cartridge Faucets manage water using rubber o-rings inside a columnar cartridge. Durable cartridge faucets come correct with brass cartridges.


Bathrooms get damp and if they stay damp mold and mildew grow. Keep bathroom walls looking fresh with paint in a trending color pallet that also fights mildew.

Mildew-resistant interior paint is a durable material for bathroom remodels.

Consumer Reports recently tested 21 popular interior paints in search of the best and worst mildew-resistant paints on the market. According to their research, 18 of the interior paints they tested "resisted mildew and are good candidates for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other spaces that can become damp."

Consumer Reports found the following interior paint to be the most mildew resistant:

  1. Behr Marquee, $43
  2. Behr Premium Plus Enamel, $28
  3. Valspar Reserve, $44
  4. Behr Premium Plus Ultra, $36
  5. Benjamin Moore Aura, $70
  6. Clark+Kensington Enamel, $32

Beware of these interior paints on your bathroom walls. Consumer Reports says these paints do not resist mildew:

  1. HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams Ovation, $29
  2. Glidden Premium, $25
  3. Color Place Interior, $17


Durable materials for bathroom remodels for flooring must stand up well in hot humid conditions. There are two obviously bad bathroom flooring options out there. Carpet is the worst. Solid hardwood flooring is known for longevity and durability, but it does not fare well in moist bathroom environments.

Concrete, on the other hand, is the most durable flooring material for a bathroom remodel.

With properly applied and maintained water prevention sealer concrete is unscathed by the longest of hot showers. Make concrete match your interior decorating plans with a huge number of colors and tints made especially for concrete floors.

Vinyl is a durable flooring material for bathroom remodels that you may have overlooked.

Sheet vinyl is better than vinyl tiles because it is seam-free and therefore, more water resistant.

If you use vinyl tiles look for one with an Enhanced Urethane surface coating. It endures under substantial foot traffic, repels stains and scratches, and stays better looking longer.

Inlaid vinyl flooring colors and patterns are integral to the material. It is impregnated with color granules and has a deeper finish than printed vinyl. Patterns and colors are applied to the surface of printed vinyl and do not resist wear as well.

Make sure any vinyl flooring you plan to install in a bathroom explicitly states that it is moisture and mildew resistant on the protective backing

With vinyl flooring the thicker it is the more durable it will be.

You do not have to spend a fortune to buy durable materials for bathroom remodels. There are many reasonably priced options for fixtures, paint, and flooring that offer maximum durability. If you have the time and love bargain hunts shop sales at big box home improvement centers and contractor supply stores that allow the public.


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