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Design Considerations for a Gourmet Kitchen

By finnteriors

September 29, 2021

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. Before starting the design of your dream kitchen, think about your household’s needs and set goals. Even if you’re an amateur chef or an occasional cook, gourmet kitchens make it easier to prepare, cook and enjoy your meals. 

The kitchen layout will need to be big enough to hold everything a gourmet chef needs, while still providing a cooking station with all the necessary ingredients and tools within arm’s reach. Your gourmet kitchen must be designed around you and your preferred style of cooking. A baker’s needs will be different from say a person specializing in raw foods, just as a vegetarian will choose different appliances and accessories than a meat-eater.

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Kitchen Design Specifications to Consider

Start with the basics, for example, which appliances do you use frequently? Try to think beyond your everyday appliances; what other types do you often rely on? It can be everything from your Insta Pot to your air fryer or toaster oven. Then consider how many people are typically preparing food in the kitchen on a consistent basis. 

The next important decision is how much storage room will be needed. Having a gourmet kitchen tends to include specialty tools and spices that will need to be stored in a location convenient for cooking. Finally, decide if the kitchen will be set up for entertaining guests or strictly for preparing food. Having answers to these criteria will help you create a kitchen design that will fulfill your needs.

Creating Your Floor Plan

To utilize all a gourmet kitchen has to offer, an open floor plan will work best. Creating an open kitchen layout gives ease of movement from your prep counter to the stove. If you want a kitchen with room for guests, an open floor plan is a must have.  This will allow you to engage with your guests while also completing the finishing touches to dinner. 

The best open floor plan will include a spacious island because a true gourmet kitchen requires more than the typical counter space for preparing meals. A large kitchen island will not only give you extra space for meal prep, but it can also be used for entertaining with extra seating for your guests. It is like having a second kitchen in the center of the room. 

The gourmet kitchen should have plenty of cabinets and drawers for storage, plus other features like ovens, and even a second dishwashing area. Be sure to include plenty of power outlets and a built-in cutting board to add even more conveniences to your cooking experience. 

Lighting for the Gourmet Kitchen

With the right task lighting, you can create a very efficient and clean cooking environment. When trying to read recipes or ingredients on items, the right lighting is imperative. Adding one misread ingredient could ruin the whole dish. 

We recommend pendant lights that focus light over designated work areas, as well as under cabinet lighting to aid in the prepping and cooking experience. A well-lit kitchen will also help with maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

Create Storage Space

Every chef needs adequate storage space in the kitchen. Make sure your gourmet kitchen has enough room for all your pots, pans, and other cookware. Be sure to include drawers for all of your favorite tools and utensils as well.

A walk-in pantry should be included in your kitchen to provide enough room for your spices, cooking and baking ingredients, and daily essentials. Hanging pot and pan racks, open shelving that displays ingredients, and inventive knife organizers -- such as wall hanging magnet strips -- are other great ways to add storage space to your gourmet kitchen. 

Hire a Professional to Create Your Gourmet Kitchen

In the United States, among all home remodeling projects, kitchen remodeling is the second-most requested home construction service. This is because people interested in selling and keeping their homes updated know that remodeling a kitchen is a smart investment. A kitchen remodel will increase storage space, make the kitchen more functional, and allow a homeowner to update older model appliances like refrigerators and ovens.

However, remodeling your kitchen has more than utilitarian benefits—it also increases the value and overall attractiveness of your home. The kitchen is often the second stop on the open house tour, so in many ways increasing the “wow” factor of your kitchen is one of the wisest home improvements you can undertake. This is why it is so important to hire a professional for your remodel.

Finnteriors Construction Services has been providing its commercial and residential customers with exceptional general contracting services for over 20 years. Our expert kitchen remodelers will work fast to refresh your kitchen so that you can get your life back and start enjoying your great new kitchen as soon as possible. 

At Finnteriors, our experienced kitchen remodelers are ready with innovative designs to upgrade any kind of kitchen. If you’re ready for an update, then contact us now. We will partner with you to create the kitchen of your dreams!


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