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Deck or Patio—Which Is Right for You?

By finnteriors

March 29, 2018

Deck or Patio

Spring is here, and although the weather has not yet reflected it, warm days are coming to St. Louis, guaranteed! Soon you’ll be looking to barbecue and entertain outdoors. Having a place to do that is something to consider now.

There are basically two types of outdoor venues for homes—decks and patios. Choosing which one is right for you and your lifestyle depends on a number of things, and there are pros and cons for each.

Differences between a Deck and Patio

Let’s first look at what differentiates a deck from a patio.

A deck is built above the ground. Although they can be placed close to the ground, they are not place directly on it, with a support system to hold it up. Decks are typically constructed of wood or vinyl. They can be built on the lower floor of a home, or added to an upper level. Some decks are actually on the rooftop. They usually have railings that enclose them and, if on upper levels, may have steps leading to the ground or lower level.

A patio, on the other hand, is built directly onto the ground. It can be attached to the home or located separately in the yard. Patio foundations can be constructed with concrete, stone, tile, pavers, brick or other materials. They typically don’t include railings, but may have covers to protect from sun and rain. Because the foundation is resistant to heat and fire, built-in barbecues and fire pits can be featured on the patios.

Choosing between a Deck or Patio

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether a deck or patio is right for you and your home. We’ve outlined some of them here.


Where the outdoor space is built is a determining factor in your choice. If you want landscaping to surround your space, a patio would be a better option. Do you have uneven terrain? Decks would typically be the right choice for this situation, although a patio could be built with a retaining wall supporting it to make it level. But if you want the space on anything but the ground level, a deck is necessary.


Decks are typically more expensive to build than patios of the same size made with a concrete foundation. Of course, some of the newer materials that can be used for patios may jack up the cost, so that will need to be weighed.

Decks that are well built and maintained will retain more return on investment than do patios.


Do you want your space surrounding a pool with built-in fireplaces, barbecues or the like? Will you be using it for entertaining large groups? Do you need overhead protection from the weather? All these would warrant a patio.

If your goal is to have a relaxing spot to read outdoors, if you want a great view or need the space built on a location that is above ground level or on a slope, a deck is your obvious choice.


Both decks and patios require varying degrees of maintenance depending on the building materials.

Wooden decks require periodic sealing, staining and even replacement of railings and floor planks as they age, whereas certain patios may require weeding between paving stones, filling in cracks and sealing, as in the case of concrete slabs.

Finnteriors Can Construct Both Decks and Patios

Regardless of your preferences and ultimate decision on whether you want a deck or patio, Finnteriors Construction Services can build it! We can also help you make the decision, based on a number of factors and our experience and knowledge.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you get that deck or patio construction started today so you don’t miss one beautiful day enjoying it!


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