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As a business owner, you have enough to do without worrying about finding a reputable commercial services contractor for repairs and remodeling. If you own commercial property and need general contracting services, we are your local company!

commercial services by Finnteriors

In addition to our residential services, we are a reputable and recognized local commercial construction contractor. Our skilled team can perform general contracting services for a wide array of commercial construction needs.

At our construction company, we offer a comprehensive assortment of commercial construction services. We specialize in painting, build outs, rebuilds needed due to fire, water or mold damage, white boxing and commercial flooring.

Owners of area commercial properties with outdated or damaged flooring can contact us for an estimate and consultation. As well, if you would like additional information on our commercial flooring, feel free to ask. We work with commercial property managers, and we carry a wide variety of flooring options that can seamlessly integrate into your property.

Affordable and Reliable Painting Services

Improve the appearance of the inside and the outside of your business and attract more customers than ever before thanks to our commercial painting service options. Whether you need to change the exterior colors of your office building or you want to add some different hues to the interior walls of your boutique, let our professional painters give you a hand. We have years of experience in professionally painting commercial properties.

We know that continuity in your business is your priority, so we do our best to work around your schedule. Even if you prefer to remain open during the painting process, we will be considerate to your employees and customers and complete the painting in a timely manner. We will make sure that all debris is removed and that  everything is moved back to its original location after completion of the painting project.

Offering Superior Deals on Build Outs

Build outs are an urban planner’s estimate of the amount and location of potential development for an area. Build-outs take a new or existing commercial space – it could be a raw, unfinished interior or a demolition project followed by a complete renovation – and transform the space.

Finnteriors’ skilled and experienced commercial construction staff can provide our customers with affordable and accurate build outs anywhere in the area. We give it a new design, a new look and feel, and often change structural and functional uses. Let us know how we can assist you with our honest, accurate, and timely services today. We are ready to go to work for you.

Helping You with Our Fire, Water and Mold Damage Rebuilds

If your commercial property has been recently damaged due to fire, water or mold, you need a remodeling contractor with experience in rebuilds to help you pick up the pieces.

Give our commercial construction company a call for the assistance you need at the prices you deserve. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in handling commercial rebuilds, and our talented crew has restored numerous commercial properties back to their pre-damaged condition.

Contact us today and have our skilled and knowledgeable team handle your commercial property rebuilds in St. Louis. At our construction company, we pride ourselves on not only meeting, but exceeding all of the expectations of our customers. Let us show you how we can completely renovate your commercial property and breathe new life into your damaged business.

Wide Range of White Boxing Services

“White Boxing” is a term used for a type of finish in commercial real estate with an unfinished interior. A white box is ready for tenant improvements, which are to be completed once the lease agreement has been negotiated and executed.

The condition of the interior generally consists of installing heating/cooling with delivery systems, a dropped ceiling with white tiles and lighting, electrical switches and outlets as required by city code, 1-2 restrooms depending on city requirements (one must be ADA), sheetrock walls that are ready to be painted, and a concrete floor.

Finnteriors provides white boxing services for commercial properties. We can help you make the most of your property with our white boxing solutions.

Commercial Flooring

The floors in your commercial property are important for several reasons, including air quality, energy efficiency and appearance. A professionally installed commercial-quality floor will send a positive message to customers, employees, vendors and investors.

Finnteriors installs many types of commercial flooring for your business. We can work with you to suggest the types of flooring that’s right for your business at the best prices. We will make sure the project runs smoothly, from project planning, procurement, installation, logistics and maintenance planning.

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