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A Game Room Can Keep the Kids Busy

By finnteriors

July 24, 2020

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Need a place where the kids can safely hang out with friends and fight boredom? With summer in full swing and the kids home most of the day, a game room can keep children entertained. A spare room or basement can be remodeled into a game room by Finnteriors.

Most homeowners are not sure what to do with an unused room.  Homeowners who love to host get-togethers or have children and grandchildren visit would benefit greatly with the addition of a game room.

Transforming the Extra Space

Getting the most from a game room involves a lot more than just plugging in a television and setting up a game console. A good amount of home improvement work is often needed. Homeowners have the option of remodeling a spare room, basement, attic, or loft into a game room.

Finnteriors can add a completely new room to the home or even transform a shed in the backyard.  Features that must be considered for a game room addition are wiring and lighting. The layout of the room will be determined by the space available and the gaming equipment put in the room.

Small game room designs are the perfect size for a game table that can be used for board games and poker. Darts is another good game choice for small rooms. Of course, a television, game consoles, seating, and a mini fridge are essential items for a small game room. A small pool table is another game option.

For homeowners who have unlimited space, the ultimate game room can be created. Built-in shelves, a bar, a large pool table, an air hockey table, a pinball machine, and classic arcade games can keep everyone entertained for hours on end. 

Pool table and bar

Benefits of a Game Room in the Home 

Indoor recreation is essential especially in extreme cold or hot weather. A cool spot for the grandkids to hang out or a gathering place for adults to play a card game benefits everyone involved.  Other benefits include:

1. More Quality Time with Family

A game room allows the family to spend more time together. Having games that the whole family can enjoy is a plus for those rainy days or long blistering-hot summers. Whether it be board games, video games, or air hockey, a game room can make any night fun. Spending time together as a family also means giving each member, particularly children, much-needed attention.

2. A Place to Host Friends

A game room is a perfect place for children to hang out with friends. During the summer months, kids get bored easily. Having a few friends over for games and snacks will brighten the day and pass time.  Adults can incorporate a card table or poker table to host casino night with co-workers and neighbors. It is much cheaper at home than going to a real casino.

3. Save Money

Yes, remodeling a room into a game room costs money. However, once it’s complete, the need for going out for fun diminishes. Date night, kids night or friends night are all great ideas for the new game room. No more spending money on drinks, dinner, a movie, or going to a pool hall.

4. Additional Space to Relax

Usually, the family or living room is where most of a family’s leisure time is likely to happen, but even then, it sometimes feels like everyone is on top of each other. With a game room, family members have somewhere else to go and let off some steam.

5. Adds Value to the Home

When a game room is added with a few basic features such as a bar and surround sound, it sets it apart from most homes. When it’s time to sell a property with these added features the realtor can offer something extra in marketing the property to potential buyers.  A game room can increase the value of a home and make it more attractive than the home down the street.

The focus of a game room is ‘fun.’ The moment anyone enters, fun and laughter await. It’s a good way to put a smile on the face of children because space has been created just to have fun.

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