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7 Family-Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

By finnteriors

March 15, 2021

Designing a kitchen that can handle everything from homework to family dinners takes some creativity.   The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the one space where families spend much of their time. Family gatherings are fun and relaxing in an environment that is conducive to family events.

Make your kitchen a room for everyone to use and enjoy. A family-friendly kitchen can be spacious and modern. You don't have to lose style to accommodate the rest of the family.  It’s important to create a kitchen designed to grow with you over time. Families should adapt their kitchen space for a growing family.

You and your kids can spend more time in the kitchen by creating the ultimate family-friendly space. Kitchens are an invaluable part of the home for the whole family. It’s time to turn it into a space all can use and enjoy.

Design a Kitchen Everyone Will Love

family-friendly kitchen design

A family-friendly kitchen is comfortable, functional, safe, and engaging for the whole family. Here are a few ideas for designing and organizing your kitchen to make it the bustling but not chaotic space of family life you want it to be.

1. Half Wall

Carving out a half- or third-height wall will give you the flow of an open-plan space. The top of the partial wall can also act as a buffet which would be perfect for setting out plates and food when dinner is ready.

2. Barn-door Cabinets

If your children or spouse constantly leaves the cabinet doors open, there is a solution. Barn-style sliding doors are the perfect compromise between traditional doors and open shelving. You can hide the mess while leaving some things open. The best part - no one will forget to close the doors again.

3. Easy-care Surfaces

Easy-to-clean building materials, especially for the countertops and flooring, are a must-have in family-friendly kitchens. Marble counters are beautiful, but they are prone to staining. Stainless steel, Corian, and engineered quartz are great choices for tough countertop materials. They are hygienic, and easy to clean and maintain.  A butcher block countertop is another great easy-care opinion.

Stone, tile and laminate materials are all great options for your floor, as they are typically non-porous and easy to clean. Classic linoleum and Marmoleum floors are also easy to maintain.

4. Recipe Door

If you have a few favorite recipes, you can keep them where the whole family can follow them. Use a marker to write it out on the inside or outside of a cabinet, and you’ll never need to go hunting for the recipe again. You can also display a menu board in the dining area so your family can see the week’s dinner plans.

Construct your menu out of chalkboard paint or use a dry erase board, so it is easy to change each week. Pre-planning your weekly menu is an excellent way to organize your grocery shopping list and give your family an idea of what to expect each night.

5. High Shelving

Accessible storage is great for dishes; however, inaccessible storage is just as important when you have small children at home. High shelving helps keep dangerous items out of reach. Keep fragile items on shelves that cannot be reached by kids even if they stand on a chair or footstool.

6. Touch-free Faucets

Kids have a hard time turning faucets on and off and can accidentally kick on water hot enough to scald. Touch-free faucets are the solution and can be pre-set to a safe "start temperature" that can be changed once the faucet is on and running.

7. Kid-friendly Storage

Install lower cabinets or drawers so your children can grab what they need. Dedicate a drawer or cabinet in the under-cabinet section and organize it with kid's plates, bowls, cups, and utensils, as well as some of their favorite snack items. Refrigerator drawers can be great for this too. That way kids have everything they need at a safe level. 

If your kitchen is small, you can implement space-saving tricks, such as:

  • Installing sliding, pull-out pantries.
  • Investing in built-in spice racks inside your cabinets.
  • Placing floating shelves on the wall.
  • Choosing a built-in microwave to preserve counter space.

Remodeling Professionals

If you are looking to have your kitchen updated with functional design options that can stand up to the joys and messes of family mealtime, look no further than Finnteriors. Our experienced design and construction team can give you comfort, function, and aesthetics anywhere in your home. We create spaces that the whole family can enjoy.

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