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7 Budget Friendly Home Remodeling Ideas

By finnteriors

January 23, 2019

Looking for home remodeling ideas?

Almost everyone wants their home to be stylish and fit their personality; and some home renovation projects don’t have to break the bank. The key is to do your research and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

Read on for seven budget home renovation ideas you can tackle yourself!

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Budget Friendly Home Remodeling Idea #1: Chalk Up Old Floors

Worn out, worn down old flooring is impossible to clean, always looks bad and makes everything look shabby. When sanding and refinishing your floor is not a project your budget can handle what can you do? 

For a non-toxic odor-free option use chalk paint on your floor. Chalk paint isn't just white it comes in countless shades and you can create the look you want with stencils and other painting techniques.

Bonus Budget Friendly Home Remodeling Idea:

Chalk paint can be used on tile floors too.

Budget Friendly Home Remodeling Idea #2: See-Through Old Cabinets

Outdated cabinet doors impact the look of a kitchen seriously.  When you cannot afford a complete kitchen remodel and cabinet refacing is not in your near future what can you do?

First of all, you can switch out the cabinetry hardware. This is a very easy update if you find new hardware with the same fastener pattern as the old stuff you want to replace. Just attach the new hardware through the holes that are already there with a screwdriver.

Another cabinet door quick fix is to replace a couple of your old cabinet doors with see-through glass doors. Use the new glass cabinet doors to showcase your best kitchen wares and colorful serving pieces to refresh your kitchen style.

Budget Friendly Home Remodeling Idea #3: Stick Up A Backsplash

Cover a tired old backsplash or create a new backsplash to make it look like you invested in a real kitchen remodel. One budget-friendly way to get a new backsplash is to use peel-and-stick tile that does not require special tools to install. Just literally peel and stick it where you want it.

If you need a backsplash option for nearly nothing you can look no further than the dollar store. Adhesive foil backsplash wall stickers printed to look like tile are available. Each one-dollar foil wall sticker measures 29.5 inches long and 17.5 inches high, so you might need a few to create your backsplash. The black, grey, and white tile pattern is our favorite.

Budget Friendly Home Remodeling Idea #4: Switch Up Switch Plates

Chances are that if your switch plates look horrible you haven’t noticed. That said you can do something about it. The style fix is quick and easy and will not take a chunk of change out of your wallet.

First, in case you are not sure what a switch plate is let me explain. Switch plates cover electrical outlets, light switches, dimmers, phone jack, cable and any other type of wired wall connection. Switch plates covers are referred to as wall covers and other names including light switch plates, outlet cover, and light switch covers.

The most basic plastic white switch plate cover costs about forty cents with tax at your local hardware store. New white switch plate covers will look great and at forty cents each most can replace a whole house of covers for twenty bucks. You can get as fancy and customized as you desire with switch plate covers. If you want something unique and stylish there are wall cover specialty retailers online with thousands of options.

Budget Friendly Home Remodeling Idea #5: Ramp Up Old Lamps

You may love your old lamp, but do you still love that old dusty lampshade? Probably, not. Take a good look at the lampshades in your home. Toss the ones you hate immediately and replace them. This is your chance to change the look of the lamp and the lighting in your living space completely.

Lampshades direct light from lamps. Light colored shades with some transparency will let diffused light into a room. While darker and more opaque lampshades focus light directly above and below. Choose a lampshade to get the lighting you want in your home. Traditional lampshades are paper or cloth, but you do not have to stick with tradition. Go with a glass, metal, or mesh lampshade for a modern look.

Budget Friendly Home Remodeling Idea #6: Stick Up Wallpaper

Try something new with removable wallpaper. This is not the wallpaper you may have heard horror stories about. Select from the most creative designs you can imagine for your walls. Removable wallpaper is peel and stick and can be repositioned, cleaned and removed at any time without damaging your walls. On top of that, it does not present the chemical sensitivity issues that come with other wall covering options. The amazing patterns, murals, and looks are beyond belief.

Budget Friendly Home Remodeling Idea #7: Cover Up Kickplates

Do you have stairs with scuffed up kickplates? Try covering them with removable wallpaper. Create decorator look stairs in minutes. Just cut the wallpaper to perfectly cover each kickplate and peel and stick.

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