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6 Tips to Choosing the Right Commercial Flooring

By finnteriors

January 18, 2021

When decorating a commercial space, we often pay more attention to the walls, the interior décor, and the furniture, but give the floors less thought. Although shopping for flooring is not always the most exciting decorating activity, it is still important to choose the correct type of flooring for a business. Flooring is the foundation that can tie the whole room together.

There are many types of flooring to choose from. Common selections include solid wood, engineered hardwood, carpet tile, quarry tile, epoxy, terrazzo, vinyl composite tile, laminate wood, and luxury vinyl tile, among others.

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What to Consider for Your Business

Flooring isn’t the first thing most customers notice when they walk into a business. After all, we are usually looking ahead or around and not down. That doesn’t mean flooring isn’t still important.

Before you spend money on the flooring or hire a contractor to install it, you should know what is needed for your type of business. The right flooring can last for many years and be relatively easy to maintain. This can help you get the most out of your investment.

1. Function of the Space

Knowing how your space will be used can aid in choosing the best flooring for your business. If you anticipate a lot of foot traffic, you’ll want to make sure the materials chosen are durable and easy to maintain. The flooring you choose needs to support the people using the space.

The flooring also needs to hold up to the functionality of the business. For example, a restaurant should have flooring that can withstand spills and stains. Also, think about how flooring will impact people’s feet. Operations where workers sit most of the time can have a less padded or cushioned floor or carpet versus an area where there’s a lot of walking.

2. Company Image

Does the flooring you choose match the image you want to portray about your company? The look and feel of commercial space are important for employees and customers. It’s wise to invest in flooring that improves the image of a space.

3. Budget

Depending on your financial resources and the nature of your business, flooring can be one of the biggest expenses for the facility. The amount of money you designate will dictate which types of flooring materials you choose.

4. Maintenance Requirements

In addition to being durable and visually appealing, you want to make sure your flooring is easy to maintain. Hard surfaces are generally easier to maintain than carpeting. Vinyl flooring is cheaper to maintain than other materials. Some flooring materials like hardwood must be buffed regularly in a busy environment. 

It is recommended to include the cost of cleaning and caring for your floor into the overall flooring budget for your business. If you have carpet, bear in mind that you’ll need to get it steam cleaned to make it last longer. The more maintenance your flooring requires, the more it can increase your overall flooring expenses.

5. Noise

A major factor for businesses that work in sectors such as retail and manufacturing is noise. Consider the sounds of wheels of a shopping cart or a forklift being driven across floors. Will these make too much noise on the flooring you choose? Will you need sound barriers if it’s too loud?

When you are looking to choose new flooring, you must think about the room and how your room is divided up. Do you have a large open plan space, or is your facility split up into different rooms?  Depending on the layout, the noise levels may be different.

Sound is going to bounce more on hard surfaces while being muffled with carpet. If you have an open-plan space, you should choose carpet tiles that are great for absorbing sound.

6. Health and Safety

All business owners must make it a priority to protect employees and customers alike. A key factor is the slip rating of the flooring, which is determined by foot traffic and who will be using the flooring.

Get the Flooring You Need

There are several options when it comes to commercial flooring. Once you have chosen the type of flooring needed for your commercial space, you’ll need to have a contractor install it. Finnteriors specializes in reimagining and remodeling spaces, both residential and commercial. 

Our experienced team can make the most of your space with new flooring that will benefit your employees, visitors, and customers.  Let us help you with your flooring installation.


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