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6 Reasons to Add a Deck or Patio Now

By finnteriors

April 10, 2020

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We all can agree that our normal work and school routines have been disrupted due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. A silver lining to this disruption is that it has provided us with more time with family due to the stay at home order in place. With warmer weather arriving, a good way to spend that time is outdoors on your patio or deck.

If you don’t have a deck or patio, don’t worry. A construction professional Finnteriors can still add one to your home even during the pandemic. The construction and home remodeling industry is an essential business during the crisis. Homes and buildings need repairs and projects in progress must be completed.

Contractors can give estimates and consultations through video calls and emails. No face-to-face contact is necessary to get the job done. All of the guidelines from local health officials and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) can be followed during the deck project.

Why You Should Add a Deck or Patio

One popular trend in home construction today is outdoor living. Homeowners want to expand their living spaces for various needs. Adding a deck or patio is a great way to get the outdoor living space you want. Here are a few reasons you should add one of these structures to your home.

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1. Adds Value. Additions or remodels should have some value that you can recoup. Wood decks offer a bigger return on investment according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report. If you’ll be selling your home in a few years, adding a deck would be a low-risk solution to add value to your home.

2. Entertainment Space. Birthday parties and get-togethers now have a functional space for family and friends to celebrate with each other. An outdoor grill or bar can be added to enhance the space. Cleanup will be easier if spills occur.

3. Outdoor Enjoyment. Homeowners can look forward to a place to escape the busyness of life. A deck or patio allows families to enjoy simple things outdoors such as reading a book, listening to the birds, playing some music, or doing some yoga. The feeling of nature creates a peaceful oasis right outside your home. Your family can still follow the stay at home order while enjoying each other’s company outdoors.

4. Increases Living Space. Adding a deck to your home is almost like adding another room. It serves as an extra living space that can be used for work or play.

5. Adds Functionality. There are a variety of deck and patio options that can meet your needs. You can use your deck as an outdoor office, a play area for the kids, or an outside dining area. The possibilities are endless.

6. Improves Aesthetics. The appearance of a finished wood deck is a great visual that will have the neighbors talking. A deck or patio can beautify a home just as well as a manicured lawn.

Considerations Before Adding a Deck or Patio

With warmer temperatures finally arriving, the desire to be outdoors is stronger than ever. Be sure to choose a reputable construction professional to build your deck or patio while considering the following factors:

Budget. The cost of building a deck depends on the size, design, and building materials.

Location. The size of your property usually determines where a deck or patio will be built. The location for a deck can be decided by the proximity to your house, sun, and shade, or view.

Purpose/Function. Homeowners must know why they want a deck and what purpose will it serve. Will it be used specifically for outdoor dining or for occasional entertaining?

Decking Materials. Wood is the most popular decking material homeowners choose, but it isn’t the only material available. Other materials include composite, aluminum, or pressure-treated woods.

Design and Shape. A well-designed deck should complement the architectural components of your home. It should also coordinate with the surrounding landscape.

Accessories. If you’ll be using your deck or patio in the evening, lighting is a useful addition. A built-in storage bench can serve as seating and for keeping supplies, patio cushions or outdoor toys protected from the weather.

Get Ready to Enjoy the Outdoors

A deck or patio is an excellent addition to any home. At Finnteriors, our team of experienced deck contractors provides designs, installations, and repairs. We offer affordable quality work and outstanding customer service. If you’re ready to add to your living space, contact Finnteriors today for a free estimate.


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