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5 Design Savvy Ideas for Creating an Open Floor Plan

By finnteriors

August 7, 2020

Open floor plans have dominated home design for years now and represent the overall trend toward more modern and contemporary layouts. Open floor plans can always be made cozy and beautiful if the right design is applied. Even with no walls, you can create a space that is coherent and flows well.

One of the biggest issues with many traditional-style homes is that so much of the floor space is eaten up by hallways and doorways. This is especially true in smaller houses that don’t have much square footage to begin with.

Open concept house plans tear down those walls, eliminate doorways and centralize the living space, dining room, and kitchen to create a great room or open floor plan. Even in a small home, open floor plans can make the space feel large, especially when it comes to in-kitchen dining and adding vaulted ceilings.

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Design Tips for Your Open Space

An open floor plan will maximize space and provide excellent flow from room to room. The concept generally combines the kitchen and family room into a single room that's perfect for relaxed entertaining and informal gatherings. An open floor plan elevates the kitchen to the functional center of the home, often featuring an island that provides extra counter space and a bar with seating.

Open floor plans can seem hard to layout and decorate. While closed dining rooms and living rooms have clear guidelines as to where each piece of furniture should go, open floor plans are more up to interpretation. Open floor plans vary widely in size and shape, with each design coming with its own set of challenges. No matter the shape, there are key design ideas that will help with the flow of any type of open floor plan.

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1. Define Your Space 

A great area rug is a key to an open design floor plan. Without area rugs, these great rooms are just big empty spaces. Rugs outline your conversation spaces and guide foot traffic. They also make the large open space feel cozy and grounded. Layering your rugs in more eclectic designs signify a gathering area, dining room, living room, or family room. Rugs work well in open concept floor plans because they provide subtle boundaries.

2. A Balanced Look

One easy strategy for designing an open floor plan is to create a balanced look with larger furniture pieces. You want symmetry in the room to bring it all together. Doubling up sofas with a complementary table and matching chairs pairs well with a great room.

3. Coordinate with Color 

In a large open space, it’s best to choose an overall color palette and incorporate it into each space. Then choose at least two accent colors, and add them to each area in the form of fabrics, rugs, and accessories. The accent colors will help divide the room, while the overall, more neutral palette will lend the open area a sense of cohesion. Large open floor plans without enough color can read as blank or empty.

4. Adding the Right Light

Thoughtful lighting design is key for every style home, but it becomes especially important in an open floor plan. The right lighting helps divide an open floor plan into workable areas. Over-counter pendant lighting is perfect in the kitchen area. A pendant or chandelier over the dining table also helps to define that space in a vertical sense.

Floor lamps are necessary for the living room, and a table lamp on side tables will illuminate those areas distinctly and cohesively. Installing recessed lighting provides an ambient source and helps guide the flow of the room. You can also use attention-grabbing ceiling fixtures to define dining and living areas.

5. Add a Console or Shelves 

If an open floor plan feels too cluttered for you, you can create barriers without putting up walls by using furniture like bookshelves or consoles. Open shelving is a great way to block out the clutter of one area, like the kitchen, while still allowing light and space to pass through.

A console behind the sofa is another great add-on to break up a living and dining space, and still maximize all of your square footage.

Let Professionals Open Your Space

If you’re ready to knock down your walls to create an open floor plan in your home, Finnteriors has the skill and experience to make it happen. Whether you have a small or large home, we can transform any space. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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