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12 Basement Remodeling Ideas To Improve Your Life

By finnteriors

February 4, 2019

Basement remodeling ideas are endless because the basement does not have a stated purpose. A basement can be anything you want it to be. What you need to figure out is how can you remodel your basement to best suit the members of your household. This can be a challenge, but with a little patience, the basement remodeling ideas you love can become the remodeled basement of your dreams.

In 2019 basements are no longer synonymous with man cave.

First of all, deciding to remodel your basement is a worthwhile pursuit. Basement remodels are an economical way to expand the usable living space of an existing home. In addition, homes with (pun intended) remodeled basements tend to yield higher return-on-investment than homes with additions.

There are a couple of basement remodeling ideas to incorporate into your basement remodeling plan no matter how you envision the final remodel.

Basement Remodeling Ideas For All Basements


Arguably the least exciting part of any home is the insulation. However, insulating your basement is more important than you might think. Make insulation a priority in your basement remodeling plan unless you want your newly remodeled oasis to be a playground for mold and mildew.
Properly installed insulation will make your basement a comfortable dry place keeping cold and dampness out. All while making your home more energy efficient.


It is sad when no one spends time in their newly remodeled basement. One of the most common reasons for this is poor lighting. With little or no natural light, the temptation is to add very bright overhead lighting. When it is time to watch a movie or just relax the blinding lights are turned off and now it is pitch black.

Basement lighting is best when it is ambient. Soft diffused lighting overall with optional brighter lighting to illuminate a desk for doing homework or a chair for reading. You will enjoy your basement remodel more with lighting that is conducive to leisure activities you enjoy.

For basements with windows install windows that allow as much natural light as possible when you remodel. Smart motion activated lighting is another way to make a new basement an inviting space.


Remodeling your basement does not have to take away your storage space. On the contrary, remodeling your basement is a chance truly get organized. Wall off a section of your basement and add a door for a place to store things out of sight. Add shelves, racks, and hooks to keep everything in the proper place. For added intrigue, install a hidden bookcase door on your secret room.


Whether or not to add a bathroom when remodeling a basement is usually a question of the size of the budget. Make room for it in your budget. If you don't you will wish you had.  With a bathroom, the basement will get more use. No matter what basement remodeling ideas take shape from a guest bedroom to a home gym to a karaoke playroom being there will be much more pleasant with a bathroom. This will eliminate the need to stop the action to go upstairs or show someone upstairs when nature calls.

Basement Remodeling Ideas, Themes & Tips


If you have a musical household think about making music the focus of your basement remodel. Pound drums, play records, practice Tuba, or belt out an area. You will not disturb the neighbors in an underground basement and some soundproofing.

Include a stage in your basement remodel. It is perfect when the band needs to practice at your house. Instruments galore, microphones, stage lights, and even a recording studio fit in a musical basement remodel. Some guests love Karaoke and your basement will be the ideal place for it. Whether you are a professional musician or just like to sing -  if playing and listening to music is your thing add some musical elements to your basement remodel. You will be adding not only more living space but also more fun and enjoyment, too.


Remodel your basement into an entertaining gaming center for pure pleasure with an open floor plan. Include a huge television monitor for streaming and gaming. Forget about old school theater seats and opt for an oversized modern sectional. Gaming chairs are a nice touch for serious gamers. The rocking floor seats are good, but the highback swivel style is the ultimate game seat.

Include other gaming styles for all ages like board games, cards, and darts. Tabletop games are fantastic if you have space. Leave 2.5" to 3" around Ping Pong, Billards, and Pool Tables so players can play safely. Fussball, Pinball, and slot machines do not require as much space to play. Moreover, an amazing pinball game can be the focal point of your decor. Take cues from the games you include in your basement remodel to carry vibrant pops of color throughout.


If you collect wine you probably spend a fair amount storing it in a climate controlled wine cellar. Storing your wine collection off-site is inconvenient, while, storing it in your basement wine cellar is amazing. A sizable wine cellar can be part of most basement remodels.

Locate your wine cellar in a cool dark part of your basement that is below ground with no natural light. Sunlight will ruin your collection quickly. The cellar door must have an airtight seal, too.

Plan to include insulation, cooling, and air circulation systems to keep your wine cellar environment ideally at 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 to 75 percent humidity. Cedar promotes the right humidity levels. Talk to your contractor about using cedar on your wine cellar.


Bring your pool and your daylight basement together when you remodel. Glass french doors opening out to your pool area allow natural light to flow into your basement. Inside is a luxurious cabana. It is a place to change into and out of bathing suits and a place to wait out a long summer rain.

Entertaining is easy from the cabana when you include a bathroom and kitchen when you remodel your basement. Pool parties are sophisticated fun for all of your guests.


If your household loves to color, paint, glue, and glitter create a craft room. Basement remodels can include plenty of shelving and storage for craft supplies. Include custom designed Built-in wall units for organizational bliss. With a craft room, you never have to worry about messing up the rest of the house with arts and crafts.

10. BAR IT

Basement remodeling plans often include adding a bar into the mix. A wet bar will have the countertop, sink, faucet, plumbing, and cabinetry of a kitchen. With a few more elements you can have a functional wet bar and a kitchen as well in your basement remodel.

Under-the-counter microwaves are growing in popularity and are a good fit for a basement wet bar also for easy snacks. Make sure you serve beverages at the correct temperature with wine chillers, beverage centers, beer kegerators, and ice makers right at the bar. You can also plan to serve drinks of all types.

Cocktails, craft beer, and wine are what most would expect. A wet bar will accommodate an in-house coffee bar, juice bar, and a smoothie bar, too. Bars are not only for adult beverages. We all enjoy a tasty beverage no matter what our age.


Maybe you would work out more if you had a gym at home. Basements are often great places to create a gym. Fitness can also be a hot yoga room or a yoga studio. Install a ballet bar for ballerinas and pilates sessions. Martial arts and MMA is very popular. Why not install a padded floor, heavy bag, and octagon downstairs. If you love to be fit definitely incorporate fitness when you remodel the basement.


Whether you have In-Laws moving in or not a basement apartment can be a good thing to have. Of course, it can be a revenue source if you take on a renter.  It can always serve a guest room for extended stay houseguests. In addition, if you have kids they will grow into teenagers who want their own space. They can have it and not be too far away at the same time.

If you decide that you like the downstairs apartment basement remodeling idea you can plan an apartment that works for both grandma and the grandkids and meets all building codes as well. Replace small windows with large ones if space allows. This brings in added sunlight and provides a means of escape in case of fire.

Make the bathroom barrier-free with a no door walk-in shower or tub. There are some very chic modern ones available. Grab bars and any other safety fixtures needed can be added inexpensively if necessary later. This type of bathroom also increases your home value more than a traditional bathroom with a traditional tub or shower.


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